July 3, 2019 | Wednesday | 7P-9P
Chemeketa Planetarium, 4000 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem, OR 97305 – map it

Hubble Trouble

What does it mean that measurements of the Hubble constant don’t agree?

Presentation by Ricky Oropeza and Dr. Rick Watkins

NightSky45 July Meeting Poster: Hubble Trouble
NightSky45 July Meeting Poster: Hubble Trouble

The Hubble constant measures the current rate at which the Universe is expanding. Recently it has become apparent that measurements of the Hubble constant made with different data are inconsistent; a situation which could lead to the discovery of new physics. After giving an overview of the Big Bang theory, we will discuss the different ways of measuring the Hubble constant and what it might mean that they don’t agree.

Ricky Oropeza is a senior physics major at Willamette University who grew up in Salem. Rick Watkins is a cosmologist who has been a professor at Willamette since 1999. This summer they are carrying out research analyzing data on the motions of galaxies.


June 5, 2019
A Telescope Maker’s Dream Job: Writing for Sky & Telescope

Nightsky45 Astronomy Club May meeting poster: Becoming Human by Bernie Taylor

Speaker: Jerry Oltion, “Telescope Workshop” columnist

Jerry Oltion has worn many hats over the course of his life, from garbage truck driver to radio deejay to corporate secretary, but the two things that define him best are his lifelong love of writing and his lifelong love of what he calls “tinkercraft.” He loves making stuff up, be it in science fiction stories or in solid objects made of wood and metal and glass. When he discovered amateur telescope making, and then began writing about it, he realized he had found his true calling. Jerry is the most prolific fiction writer in the history of Analog/Astounding magazine, where he publishes most of his short stories. He’s nowhere close to being the most prolific builder of telescopes, but he’s gaining on it.

May 1, 2019
Becoming Human

Nightsky 45 Astronomy Club May Meeting Poster: Becoming Human by Bernie Taylor

Naturalist and author Bernie Taylor presents an origin of modern astronomy in European Paleolithic caves from 34,000 years ago that connects with global myths of hunter-gatherers and the ancients in the Mediterranean region.

As an independent naturalist and author, Bernie Taylor explores the mythological connections and biological knowledge among prehistoric, indigenous and ancient peoples. His works in these areas include Biological time (2004) and Before Orion: Finding the Face of the Hero (2017).

April 3, 2019
Annual Show and Tell

In April we open NightSky 45 to hands-on demos of basic astronomy- and telescope-related themes.

If you are just getting into astronomy, bring your question for the more advanced members. In past years this has been a success with lively discussions.  If you have some more advanced techniques that you want to share or you just want to show off your favorite scope, please bring it and tell us about it.

One item that is already on the agenda is a demo of the Atik Infinity camera that the club recently acquired and which will be available for use by members.

All of our members can help make this a successful experience for other members and for those who are just getting into astronomy. 

Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club April 3, 2019 meeting poster

March 6, 2019
Seeing the Cosmic Cirrus

The night sky is not so dark after all. Far from city lights, skilled observers find faint wisps of light, light reflected from skeins of interstellar dust outside the galactic disk. This is the “cosmic cirrus” or “integrated flux nebula.” Our speaker, Mel Bartels, will describe his through-the-eyepiece observations and show his sketches of this “faintest of the faint” deep-sky phenomenon. Mel Bartels is a well-known observer and telescope maker from Cottage Grove.

Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club March 6, 2019 meeting poster


February 6, 2019
The Exploration of Mars

Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club February 6, 2019 meeting poster

The Exploration of Mars with Michael Seibert

Using the book and film The Martin as a lens, Mike Seibert will discuss the current golden age of robotic Mars exploration as well as the challenges of mounting a human expedition to the red planet. Highlights of the presentation will be tales of challenges faced by the Mars exploration rovers Spirit and Opportunity as their mission surpassed the expected 90 days by roving Mars for over 14 years.

Mike Seibert is a former Mars Rover Driver and Flight Director for the Opportunity Mars Rover. He spent 12 years at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory as part of the operations team for the twin Spirit and Opportunity Mars rovers. Mike now works as a systems engineer in Boulder, Colorado helping to develop robotic arms for spacecraft to be used for activities ranging from satellite refueling to planetary exploration. In addition, Mike is a graduate student at the Colorado School of Mines pursuing a Ph.D in Space Resources.

January 2, 2019
Nightsky 45 Members Night

–Comet Wirtanen: Mike Conley
–18 Years of Imaging: Nick Liepins
–Visiting Lowell: Richard Berry
–Art in Astronomy: Mark Seibold
–Ultima Thule: Alan Stern

NightSky 45 Astronomy Club January 2, 2019 meeting poster

No meeting

November 7, 2018
Spacefest IX: My Summer Vacation
Speaker: Stephanie Barth

Spacefest is THE celebration of space for enthusiasts of every type! This summer Stephanie attended Spacefest. She will describe first-hand stories from Apollo astronauts and flight controllers:

–The wives and daughters of Gene Cernan and Alan Bean
–The upcoming movie, “Searching for Skylab”
–The Dawn mission to Vesta and Ceres
–What are “Space Hipsters”?
–What is it like to have lunch and dinner with astronauts?
–Hearing first-hand accounts of space exploration by Apollo astronauts and flight controllers.
–What do astronauts and the family of Neil Armstrong think of
the new movie, “First Man”?
–and much more!

Stephanie Barth became interested in astronomy and the space program in the 1970s. She has built a telescope with her family and has taught numerous astronomy classes to children around the Salem area. She’s a member of Space Hipsters since 2016 and of NightSky 45 since 2001.

Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club 11/7/2018 Meeting Poster: Spacefest IX: My Summer Vacation.
Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club 11/7/2018 Meeting Poster: Spacefest IX: My Summer Vacation.


October 3rd, 2018
Growing Up With The Astronauts

James will bring a few NASA artifacts from his fathers collection: a plug extracted from the Apollo 11 command module heat shield, and a hyper-velocity impact demonstration piece. He will discuss our museum’s mission and share stories of the people who made manned missions to the moon successful. is located in the Historic Gardner House Cafe’ at 633 North Third Ave. Stayton, Oregon.

Hours of operation are Tuesday thru Saturday from 8:00 AM to 3:00PM. Phone 503 602 9128.

For more information, see

Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club 10/3/2018 Meeting Poster: Growing Up With The Astronauts

Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club 10/3/2018 Meeting Poster: Growing Up With The Astronauts

September 5th, 2018
Leaking Galaxies
Our speaker: Dr. Katherine Kornei

Gas and dust escape from many galaxies in so-called “galactic winds.” Data from ground and space-based telescopes reveal which galaxies are leaking.

Dr. Kornei is an astrophysicist, science journalist, educator and works at OMSI as a Program & Exhibit Developer.
For her PhD, she studied star formation and galaxy evolution.
As a science writer, her work has been published in:

  • Science
  • Discover
  • Astronomy
  • Scientific American
  • Sky & Telescope
Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club 9/5/2018 Meeting Poster: Leaking Galaxies
Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club 9/5/2018 Meeting Poster: Leaking Galaxies


August 8th, 2018
After Imaging
Our speaker: Tom Carrico.

Tom will describe what to do AFTER IMAGING, when you have a disk full of images. He will discuss how he processes astrophotos using, as he says, far too many pieces of software. Tom will cover how to capture data and calibration frames, selecting images to keep, various methods of processing, and a few tips and tricks along the way. Tom will emphasize imaging with monochrome cameras and color filters, but will spend a little time with processing DSLR images.

Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club 6/6/2018 Meeting Poster: After Imaging
Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club 8/8/2018 Meeting Poster: Astronomical Sketching

August 4th 9:00pm
Star Party

9:00pm Midnight
 Hosted by Silver Falls State Park
The observing area will be the meadow west of the creek at the South Falls day use area.

It is suggested that we set up between 7:00-8:

July 14  8:00pm (apprx)
NightSky45 Star Party

Location: Union Hill Grange +44.8751 N, -122.7427 W.

  1. From the fertilizer plant at the corner of Hwy 214 (Silver Falls Hwy) and Cascade Highway…
  2. Continue on Hwy 214 1.8 miles E to a conspicuous zig-zag in the road…
    Take Victor Point Rd SE 0.5 miles N to Grange Rd SE…
  3. Follow Grange Rd SE 0.6 miles E to the small gravel road on the north side.


We can set up along this road – There is no traffic on this road.

Bring your telescope, binoculars, camera, whatever!  And, of course, we would be happy to help anyone set up and use a new or unfamiliar telescope.

Sunset is at 8:45 pm. Arrive while there is still enough light to set up.

Please note: There are no “facilities” at this site.

June 6th, 2018
Astronomical Sketching

Our Speaker: Howard Banich

Howard Banich made his first astronomical sketch in 1973. He will describe his process from the first rough sketches to the smoothly finished drawings published in Sky & Telescope.

May 2nd, 2018
Broken Starlight – Adventures With A Spectroscope

Our Speaker: Richard Berry

Spectroscopy has told humanity more about the true nature of stars and planets than all other tools of the astronomer combined. Our speaker this month, Richard Berry, tells a few tales about AstroSpectroscopy what we learn by “breaking” starlight into a spectrum.

April 4th, 2018
Annual Equipment Night

Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club April Meeting Poster

March 7, 2018
Tales of the Wilson High School Astronomy Club
Our Speaker: Joe Minato

Joe Minato was born to be a science teacher. He grew up in beautiful Rockwood, Oregon, youngest of six children. He had a childhood of wonder and discovery, a gift he wishes for every child. He earned a BS in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MTE in science education. He is a recipient of the prestigious Polaroid Award for Outstanding Teaching at MIT.

While classically trained in physics and math, Joe is a lifelong natural historian with a broad background and endless enthusiasm for exploring the wonders of the natural world from subatomic physics to cosmology, from the geologic history of the Earth to biological evolution, and wherever else his curiosity takes him.
Joe has taught in a wide variety of settings, urban and rural, public and private, and to a wide variety of students, gifted scholars to troubled youth, small children to veteran educators. His favorite students are whomever he is teaching right now. His favorite lesson is whatever lesson he is doing right now.

Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club March 7 2018 Meeting Poster

Remote Astronomy

NightSky45 Astronomy Club of Salem Oregon February 7th 2018 Meeting Poster
NightSky45 Astronomy Club January Meeting Poster image.

When Galaxies Collide

~ Note: No December meeting ~

How Bright? How Old? How Far?

NightSky45 Astronomy Club October 4th 2017 Meeting Poster: Why Mars?

Why Mars?

The Great Solar Eclipse 2017


10 : 17 : 21 AM


Monday August 21, 2017 Salem, Or (earlier the farther West from Salem you are)
Western Oregon Solar Eclipse Viewing Detail
A one-page information sheet. Print and pass on to your non-astronomer friends.For printing on one 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.

 Solar Eclipse Workshop

NightSky 45 Astronomy Club 8/2 Meeting Poster

Eclipse Photography – Techniques and Equipment

NightSky45 Astronomy Club July 5, 2017 meeting poster
Eclipse Photography:
Techniques and Equipment


Heliophisycs and the Study of the Sun

NightSky45 Astronomy Club Meeting poster for May 3rd 2017