June 6th Presentation: Astronomical Sketching

Astronomical Sketching
Our Speaker: Howard Banich

“Sketching at the eyepiece is a time-honored means of disciplining the observer’s vision to see all that’s detecatable on a given night”

Howard Banich made his first astronomical sketch in 1973. He will describe his process from the first rough sketches to the smoothly finished drawings published in Sky & Telescope.

Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club 6/6/2018 Meeting Poster: Astronomical Sketching
Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club 6/6/2018 Meeting Poster: Astronomical Sketching

Our Own Richard Berry Presents: Broken Starlight

Join us 5/2/2018 as our own Richard Berry presents:

Broken Starlight – Adventures With A Spectroscope
Our Speaker: Richard Berry

Spectroscopy has told humanity more about the true nature of stars and planets than all other tools of the astronomer combined. Our speaker this month, Richard Berry, tells a few tales about Astro–Spectroscopy what we learn by “breaking” starlight into a spectrum.

Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club 5/2/2018 Meeting Poster: Broken Starlight

Annual Equipment Night 4/4/2018

Don’t miss our annual equipment night. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about that telescope you’ve always wanted to learn about; or, possibly obtain new

The Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club Annual Equipment Night will be held on April 4th. Have questions about a telescope you have? Bring it! Looking to obtain new gear? Come get it! This is always a fun and educational night.

We will gather in the usual Building #2, but in the lobby at the opposite end of the building from the planetarium.

See you there!

Meeting Poster