How Bright? How Old? How Far?

NightSky45 Astronomy Club meeting:
November 1 at 7 pm at the CCC Planetarium

Our Speaker: Ken Hose
His Topic: “How Bright? How old? How far?”

In astronomy, people often ask questions like “how bright” or “how far” or “how old” when talking about stars and other deep sky objects. Today it is possible for amateur astronomers to find answers to these questions from observations using modest equipment. Amateurs can do real backyard science including detection of exoplanets and estimating the age of star clusters.

How brite? How old? How far?

Our speaker this month is Ken Hose. Ken is an electronics engineer by training and has been doing scientific astro-imaging since 2009 from his backyard observatory in Wilsonville, Oregon. He also serves as an instructor/mentor for high school students at the Pine Mountain Observatory summer astronomy workshops.


NightSky45 July 5th Meeting

Eclipse Photography – Techniques and Equipment

Landscape, skyscape, any camera! With your smartphone or DSLR on a telescope, you can produce exceptional eclipse photos!


On July 5th


Our speaker is Jim Baumgardt, amateur astronomer and astrophotographer since his high school days


Chemeketa Community College Planetarium
4000 Lancaster Dr NE
Salem, OR 97305


“Blue” parking lot.

  1. Enter Building #2 through the main doors on NW side.
  2. Turn immediately right.
  3. and Right again into Planetarium.
NightSky45 Astronomy Club July 5, 2017 meeting poster
Eclipse Photography:
Techniques and Equipment

March 1st NS45 Meet – A Packed House!

March 1st 2017 Picture from Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club meeting

On March 1st 2017 (173 Days until totality)

Richard Watson and Mike Kristosik gave an outstanding presentation in preparation for The Great American Eclipse Of August 21, 2017.

Public Service Announcement: Remember to obtain proper eclipse viewing safety glasses as sun glasses, welding goggles, etc., will NOT suffice.

If you have never been to one of our meetings – now is the time. There are many spectacular events and recent findings in the world of Astronomy.

Hope to see you at our next meeting:
Wednesday April 5, 7PM-9PM

March 1st Night Sky 45 Astronomy Club meeting.